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Our Services

As a full-service agency, we leverage off experts across various communications disciplines to seamlessly deliver the right campaigns for our clients.

No matter how big or small, each project starts with meticulous strategy planning to ensure we maximise every marketing dollar invested. Supported by our proprietary data and research which is constantly optimised, the foundations of our campaigns are critical to our success.

Once the insight is established, our internal creative team cleverly build campaigns that your customer can relate to. Execution is seamless through our production team, utilising our crews, designers, editors and our very own studio.

Finally, our media team chart the optimal way to target your customer, combining various traditional and digital performance media solutions.

Our Work



Cetaphil has a strong resonance with skin sufferers but there was a lack of brand awareness outside of this audience.


To improve brand awareness by creating a through-the-line campaign communicating that with daily use, Cetaphil protects skin at all times.


We worked with the strategy team to develop Skin Awareness Month as a platform to amplify the importance of skin health. Then we created a bright, happy, unmissable campaign which rolled out across TV and online and used audience testing to ensure that brand recognition was high and to refine the messaging.


The final campaign assets tested by the brand team returned the below results (Base 150 – Australian Market)

  • Branding – High to Very High

  • Enjoyment – High

  • Brand Predisposition

  • Persuasion – High to Very High

  • Meaningful – High

  • Different - Very High

  • Short term Effectiveness Likelihood

  • Awareness index – High

  • Sales Effect Likelihood – High

  • Power – High to Very High



Our client iNova has a brand portfolio across cold

and flu, skincare and allergy medication. They tasked Strat to refresh their skincare brand DermaVeen and develop a new identity for its key active ingredient across the product range.


DermaVeen possessed a successful formula, but in saturated market, the brand had lost its unique positioning. The messaging, which had remained unchanged for nearly a decade, created confusion amongst their customers.


Following a strategic review with the marketing team, we kicked off the brand refresh with a campaign that reinforced the clinical benefits combined with an attitude towards healthy skin. To achieve this, we rebranded Colloidal Oatmeal as OatActiv+ to strengthen the scientific credentials of the clinically proven formula. Simultaneously, we crafted a powerful brand message and new creative direction that resonated with our target audience, proclaiming that ‘when your skin is as it should be, you’re a DermaQueen.’



The campaign was an astounding success. During its launch month, the product witnessed an impressive growth in the highly competitive Therapeutic Skin category. Sales soared at supermarket and major pharmacy retailers with double digit growth.



For a brand that was already established in New

Zealand, AFT Pharmaceuticals recently tasked Strat

with introducing their unique range of vitamins to the

crowded Australian market.



While working with the NZ Planning team, it became

clear that it was the liposomal technology that

delivered superior vitamin absorption compared to

the competitors which provided the best way to stand out from the crowd. But with all that science, it would be hard to communicate.


In response, Strat devised a strategic solution by creating four captivating brand characters through animated storytelling. Strat developed brand assets for this bright and colourful campaign which were rolled out across TV, BVOD, digital and social channels. During the process, it was discovered that there would be a greater opportunity to take this brand to non-english speaking markets, which inspired Strat to ensure that there was diversity in the character representation and flexibility in recreating the asset for a foreign audience with translated voiceovers and text on screen.



The characters were designed to address the communication challenge head-on, demonstrating that no concept was too complex to convey. The message was clear: Put your vitamins to work, with Lipo-Sachets.

Ball Magnets


AFL Superstar Tom Mitchell had a brainwave during

the COVID-19 pandemic. While people were working

out from home with fitness apps, there wasn’t an

effective platform for kids to keep up with their

football training and the possibility of a lost season.


Tom, together with his new business partners; Erin

Phillips, Lachie Neale and Patrick Cripps, approached

Strat with the idea to build a new brand and content

platform centered around training programs for aspiring young footballers.


Strat realised the greater potential for this beyond the brief and responded with a broader strategic proposal focussed on long-term success. A 360 Brand Identity was created that determined the look and feel of the platform, the tone of voice of the communication and content, and building a framework for customers to interact with the brand. Strat ensured that a targeted promotional campaign by being strategic in the approach to the audience segment maximised the effectiveness of the media spend. Strat also lead the app development, merchandise design and content creation for all channels.



The result was Ball Magnets, the only AFL and basketball training and entertainment platform that is fully owned and operated by the players themselves. With a strong growth trajectory, Ball Magnets has expanded its offerings to include a dedicated training app, engaging YouTube channels, merchandise lines, captivating events, and the leading sports podcast in Australia. Today, the brand boasts an impressive monthly reach of 4.7 million interactions across multiple platforms.

Joey's Road Trip


St Kilda Football Club celebrated their 150th year in

2023 which was a highly significant milestone for an

organisation with such a rich history.



Strat were engaged by the club as they were looking for a content piece which could serve as a celebration of the achievement whilst also elevating sponsorship and creating valuable revenue. It needed to be an asset which could stretch the duration of the season, had a low upfront cost and could appeal to sport fans outside of the member base.


Strat creative team developed ‘Joey’s Road Trip’. A YouTube series spanning 6 episodes with podcast content to tell entertaining stories from the history of the football club. Hosted by Leigh ‘Joey’ Montagna, the episodes featured natural sponsor integration and were launched in sync with major events during the season calendar.



With over 1.2M impressions across the website, YouTube and socials, the series generated over $200K in sponsorship from a minimal production budget.

Introductory Offer: Digital Revamp

Jump-start your existing brand channels with our digital revamp offer:

1) Website

Create new homepage graphics and web tiles so that your website remains up-to-date without having to engage developers. After auditing your website, we will agree upon the scope of work. This could include creative such as 4 x header banners and 5 x MRECS.

2) Socials

Develop social channel assets and templates for FB, Instagram, LinkedIn or TikTok to help you manage these accounts with fresh, on-brand posts. This may 

include carousel tiles, cover images, profile logos or up to 20 posts plus templates for you to create customised assets by your own team.

3) Stills

Product photography that makes an impact with fresh, high-quality
images that can be used for your e-store, social channels, or any other promotions you see fit. This includes 5 key visuals and 20 library assets incl. retouching.

4) Video

Produce an ‘About Us’ 1 min intro video filmed at your office or equivalent location that introduces the brand and its values.

*All creative work will be prepared according to your existing branding and guidelines.

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