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Radio Survey 5 Update


  • 2GB has dropped 2.7 points in survey five for a share of 11.6%. In Breakfast, Ben Fordham has also held his Sydney radio ratings crown, albeit with a drop that mirrors the wider station, down 3.5 points for a total share of 14.6%.

  • KIIS 1065 stayed solid as #1FM instead of #1 overall, ARN’s KIIS has dipped two points for a 10% share. In breakfast, Kyle and Jackie O are down 3.2 points for a 13.9% share. In Drive, Will and Woody are down 0.8 points, topping the daypart with 10.8. KIIS FM remains the top station in the 10-17, 18-24, 25-39, and 40-54 demographics.

  • Smoothfm remains #3 in the market after dipping 1.4 points. However, a dip of only 6,000 in cume (as opposed to -73,000 from KIIS) sees the station come in on top overall in cume, with 1,352,000.

  • Nova remains at #5 after gaining 0.2 points. The breakfast lineup of Fitzy and Wippa with Kate Ritchie was up 0.6 points for a 6.9% share, while the Drive lineup of Ricki-Lee, Tim and Joel was down 1.1 points for an 8.3% share.

  • Triple M has lifted 0.9 points. This is the fifth survey since Mick Molloy jumped in the breakfast seat alongside Mark ‘MG’ Geyer, with the show sitting at 5.4% after gaining 0.8 points. Drive was down 0.1 points.

  • 2Day FM has recorded a 5.1% share. The Breakfast Shift with Hughesy, Ed and Erin has reflected the trend of the rest of the station, down 0.1 for a 4.6% share. In Drive, Carrie and Tommy were up 0.1 points for a 5.9% share.



  • The station shook off any cobwebs associated with the Survey 4 slip and surged ahead, with a 2.1% increase on last survey’s results to land with a 16.7% overall share.

  • In addition to holding the number #1 spot in the radio shares, 3AW have again dominated the streaming charts, holding a 23.2%.

  • Gold 104.3 has had the biggest slip of the survey (-1.2%) and dropped to single figures for the first time since 2020 with a 9.6% share. Breakfast with Christian O’Connell has ended its breakfast winning streak, falling to #3 FM breakfast behind Fox and smoothfm. However, key demos remained strong with Gold a clear leader 40-54 and it has stayed #1 FM 55-64.

  • 101.9 Fox FM has had a small rise (+0.2%) to come in with a 9.4% share. Fox FM slipped 0.2 in breakfast, but because of tumbles elsewhere Fifi, Fev and Nick have popped up as the new #1 FM breakfast show on a 9.4% share.

  • Nova lost 1.0 with 7.5% but had their second-best share this year so far. Breakfast with Ben, Liam and Belle returned its second-lowest share for 2023 on 7.0%. The numbers slipped a little in all dayparts with drive losing top spot to Gold. All demos went backwards a little with falls of between 1.5 and 2.1 across all ages from 18-24 to 40-54.

  • Smooth FM has jumped into second with a 9.9% share and had a 0.3% increase. Consistency continues to be a big attraction for advertisers here at the new #1 FM station in the market. Mike Perso remains a strong breakfast performer, climbing ahead of former champ Gold 104.3 and is now sitting just 0.5 behind new leader Fox breakfast. Biggest demo growth was 40-54 which was up 1.0 to 8.9%.



  • Holding the top spot in the market, Nova has dipped 0.2 for a share of 11.6%. The breakfast team of Ash, Luttsy & Susie O’Neill have stayed at #2 breakfast show after a dip of 0.4 points, with a share of 12.1%. Nova continues to dominate the drive slot despite a drop of 0.6 points, with the national team of Ricki-Lee, Tim and Joel finishing with 13.5%.

  • B105 comes in second this survey with a share of 11.1%. Despite a dip of 0.2 points, the breakfast show of Stav, Abby and Matt are still the market’s top breakfast show with a 12.5% share.

  • KIIS has jumped from fifth to third, In breakfast, Robin, Terry & Kip have also lifted 1.1 points for an 11.5% share, keeping them in double digits. In drive, Will and Woody have lifted a point for a total of 11.2%.

  • On Triple M, The Big Breakfast with Margaux, Marto, and Dan Anstey was down 1.2 points to record a total share of 10.5%. The drive show, The Rush Hour with Liesel, Liam & Dobbo is down 0.3 points for a 10.4% share. Triple M leads the 40-54 demo, up 5.4 points to come in with a 19.0% share.



  • Mix 102.3 has had incredible survey, increasing their overall share to 12.6% (increase of 0.7%) and taking the Number 1 spot from Triple M. Triple M has fallen to 2nd place losing 1.4% share and now sitting on 12.2% share. Nova 91.9 remains in third at 10.8% overall share followed by SAFM at 10.1%.

  • In breakfast, Triple M has retained the top position, but has lost 2.6% share and is now sitting on 12.6% share. FIVEaa remains the closest competitor in breakfast with a share of 11.5%. Mix 102.3 was the biggest mover, increasing their breakfast share to 11.2% (increase of 2.1%).

  • Across the Drive timeslot, Nova 91.9 continues to dominate the timeslot, increasing their share to 14.1% (increase of 0.9%). With SAFM sitting in second on 11.9%, Mix third on 11.4% and Triple M fourth on 11%.

  • In streaming share, FIVEaa has taken the Number 1 position with a streaming share of 13.2%, followed by ABC on 11.5%, Mix second on 10.4% and Triple M on 10%.



  • Nova’s Perth station has solidified it’s top spot in the market, taking out spot with a share of 18.1%, an increase of 1.1% from the last survey. Across demographics, Nova has kept the #1 share in the 10-17, 18-24, 25-39 and 40-54 demos.

  • MIX 94.5 was the biggest loser of this survey, losing 1.1% share falling to a share of 11.1%, however they remain No.3 in market. 96FM kept the 2nd position with a share increase of 0.1%, rising to 13% for Survey 5.

  • Nova has a commanding position of Breakfast, increasing their share by 1.7% to sit atop the radio market with 22.5% share. Whilst 6PR and MIX 94.5 are equal second on 10.5% share, with MIX falling 1.8% and 6PR 1%. 96FM takes out 4th position for Breakfast with a share of 10.2%.

  • Nova continues to dominate the Drive timeslot with Ricki-Lee, Tim & Joel, increasing their share by 1% to be 20.4%. 96FM’s Will & Woody also gained more than a percentage point, moving to 14.9% (from 13.8%). Whilst Mix 94.5’s Carrie & Tommy continues to bleed listeners, down 1.5% share from last survey.

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