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Radio Survey 4 Update


  • KISS1065 has dropped back to #1FM instead of #1 overall, after dipping to a 12-point share in Sydney.

  • 2GB has continued its dominance, claiming back the top spot in Survey Four with a rise of 2.1 points.

  • Kyle and Jackie O have lost their crown in Breakfast with Ben Fordham reclaiming #1 position after a 3.1 point increase.

  • In Mornings, Ray Hadley has recorded his 150th consecutive ratings win, dating back to Survey 4, 2004.

  • Will and Woody are no longer leaders in Drive, down 1.9%.

  • In Breakfast, Jonesy and Amanda have lost 0.3 points, remaining #3 in the daypart with 7.7% share.

  • Nova remains at #5 after gaining 0.2 points. The breakfast line-up of Fitzy and Wippa with Kate Ritchie was up 0.5 points for a 6.3% share. The Drive line-up of Ricki-Lee, Tim and Joel was up 0.7 points for a 9.4% share. Demo-wise, Nova’s best result was in 18-24 where it was up 1.3 points.

  • Despite Nova having a radio share of 7.1%, their streaming numbers lagged slightly with a 4% share.



  • Despite 0.7% dip in share, Nine’s 3AW continues its strong run, topping the Melbourne market with 14.6%.

  • In addition to holding the number #1 spot in the radio shares, 3AW have also dominated the streaming charts, holding a 22.7%.

  • After Gold’s best start to the year in recent Melbourne radio ratings memory in survey 1, the station has recorded another drop of -0.3 points for a total share of 10.8%. However, they have taken second spot in steaming numbers with a 10% share.

  • Nine of the last 10 surveys see Smoothfm solidly over a 9% share. Mike Perso is having a great run in breakfast with share on 8.9%, the best since a couple of surveys higher in 2019. Station shares are close to 10% in all dayparts and on weekends.

  • Fox FM is enjoying its third of four 2023 surveys over 9% with a 0.4% increase from last survey. Fox’s Breakfast with Fifi, Fev and Nick is getting oh-so-close to knocking off Gold in breakfast.

  • Nova 100 is the biggest mover in the market with ratings growth right across the day and on weekend. It increased a solid 1.2% from last survey, taking it to an 8.5% overall share.



  • 4BH 1116 had the biggest increase in share (+1.2)

  • The biggest decrease in share went to B105 (-1.5)

  • Nova 100 has ever so slightly beaten out B105 for top share with a 11.8% share, despite its dip in of 0.6 points. It also has proven to have stable streaming numbers with an 8.2% share.

  • Nova continues to dominate the drive slot despite a drop of 0.3 points, with the national team of Ricki-Lee, Tim and Joel finishing with 14.1%.

  • Dipping 1.1 points, B105 comes in second this survey with a share of 11.7%. Despite a dip of 1.6 points, the breakfast show of Stav, Abby and Matt are still the market’s top breakfast show with a 12.7% share.

  • After slipping to fourth station overall in survey two, Triple M has stayed strong at third place. The station was up 0.3 points for a total share of 10.9%.

  • The biggest lifter of the survey, 4BH is up 1.4 points for a 10+ share of 9.8%, leapfrogging KIIS FM. In this survey, breakfast with Bob Gallagher is up 1.3 points for a 7.9% share.

  • 4BC has largely stayed steady, only dipping 0.1 points this survey for a share of 6.4%. This is consistent with their streaming numbers with an 8.5% share.



  • Triple M remains the number 1 station in Adelaide, increasing their share to 13.6%, up 1.2 points on the previous survey. The breakfast team of Roo, Ditts, and Loz increased by 0.1 points, coming to a total of 15.2%, placing first among the networks.

  • Among the 18-24 demographic, Triple M also increased by 9.2 points resulting in a share of 15.4%, coming in second place for that demographic.

  • Triple J saw the biggest decrease in share down 0.8 points, resulting in a current share of 3.2%.

  • Mix 102.3 has stayed the number 2 station in Adelaide, dropping 0.2 points resulting in a share of 11.9%. The station’s strongest time slot in this survey is the weekend slot, with a 12.6% share, up 0.2 points.

  • Nova started 2023 in second spot but has maintained its position in third this survey. The network’s biggest rise in the dayparts was in the breakfast slot up 0.4 points resulting in a share of 10.5%. Despite this, Nova continues to dominate the 18-24 demographic, up 0.5 points resulting in a share of 22.4%.

  • FIVEaa has recorded a decrease of 0.4 points and a total share of 9.0%. In the breakfast slot, David and Will have fallen 0.6 points for a total share of 11.9%. Despite this the network’s streaming results are strong recording a 12.3% share.



  • Nova’s Perth station maintains its spot at the top, with a 0.9 point increase from the 3rd survey of 2023. Across demographics, Nova has kept the #1 share in the 10-17, 18-24, 25-39 and 40-54 demos. The station dropped 3.0 points in the 10-17 demographic but rose 8.3 points in 18-24.

  • The third 2023 survey for 95FM saw the station rise to second with a 14.4% share. The station maintains its second position despite dropping 1.5 points for a 12.9% share. The national drive show of Will and Woody increased 0.5 points in Perth for a 13.8% share.

  • The station experienced a 3.2 decrease in the 18-24 demo to take an 8.4% share, making it the fourth most popular station in the age group. The breakfast team of Xav and Michelle have increased by 0.6 points in the breakfast slot, bringing in a share of 8.0%.

  • Nine’s Perth Radio station (6PR) rose 1.2 points from the third survey of 2023 for a 7.0% share. 6PR Breakfast with Millsy and Karl increased 1.9 points for a 11.5% share.

  • 6iX has risen 0.7 points from the third Perth radio ratings survey of 2023. The station’s breakfast slot with Rob and Nat rose by 0.3 points for a 4.9% share. The station did best in the 40-54 demo with a 6.0% share, rising 2.8 points.

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