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Radio Survey 3 Update


  • KISS1065 has surged back into the number #1 spot in Sydney after adding 1.5 points in Survey 3, beating out 2GB by 0.8 points. Kyle and Jackie O are still the number 1 breakfast show with a share of 17.9%, their best result ever. Will and Woody remain leaders in drive, with a 13.5% share.

  • After briefly claiming back the top spot in Sydney, 2GB has slipped back down to #2 despite increasing its market share by 0.4. This was only 2GB’s second survey without the #1 spot in 18 years.

  • Despite a slight slip in their overall radio share, their digital streaming share has dominated coming in at 21.2%.

  • KIIS1065 streaming share came in at second with a 11% share which rides in tandem with their radio share.

  • The biggest decrease in share went to WSFM, losing 1.6 points, however, they remain the #4 station in Sydney.

  • The biggest increase in share went to Smooth FM 95.3 who rose 1.1 points.

  • Nova remains at #5 after gaining 0.5 points. The breakfast line-up of Fitzy and Wippa with Kate Ritchie dipped 0.2 points. The drive line-up of Ricki-Lee, Tim and Joel was up 0.7 points. Demo-wise, Nova’s best result was in 18-24 where it was up 4.0 points.

  • Despite Nova having a radio share of 7.1%, their streaming numbers lagged slightly with a 4% share.



  • Despite a dip in share, Nine’s 3AW continues its strong run, topping the Melbourne market with a 15.3% share.

  • In breakfast, Ross and Russel dipped 1.6% – the same amount as last survey – but that drop did nothing to dent their lead with a 19.5% share. It was a similar story in Drive, with Tom Elliott keeping a market leading share of 11.1% despite a slide of 0.5 points.

  • In addition to holding the number #1 spot in the radio shares, 3AW have also dominated the streaming charts, holding a 23.3% share.

  • After Gold’s best start to the year in recent Melbourne radio ratings memory in survey one, the ARN station has recorded a slight drop of 0.5 points for a total share of 11.5%.

  • After jumping from fourth to third last survey, smooth FM 91.5 has held its position, staying steady with a 9.7% share. smooth FM breakfast, now just with Mike Perso, lifted 0.7 to 8.5%. The station’s strongest demo has swapped from 18-24 to 55-64 this survey, with the latter recording a 13.8% share.

  • Fox has come in fourth overall despite a dip of 0.5%, with a total share of 8.8%. However, their streaming numbers aren’t quite as impressive, coming in at a 5.6% share.



  • 104.5 Triple M had the biggest increase in share (+1.1).

  • The biggest decrease in share went to 4BC (-1.9).

  • The breakfast show of Stav, Abby and Matt had a 0.2% increase on B105. In Drive, Carrie Bickmore and Tommy Little rose 1.2 points for a share of 13.2%. The station has remained #1 in 25-39 demo, while also winning the 10-27 and 18-24 tallies.

  • Nova continues to dominate the drive slot despite a drop of 0.7 points, with the national team of Ricki-Lee, Tim and Joel finishing with a share of 14.4%. The station continues to battle it out for the #1 breakfast show with B105’s team of Ash, Luttsy & Susie O’Neill.

  • After a 0.7-point slip, KIIS 97.3FMM has dropped to fourth overall in the Brisbane market with a share of 9.9%.

  • After slipping to fourth station overall last survey, 104.5 Triple M has returned to third place, up 1.1 points for a total share of 1.6%. The station leads the 40-54 demo, up 5.4%. The drive show, The Rush Hour with Liesel, Liam & Dobbo has a total share of 18.8%, up 5.4%.

  • Nine’s 4BC has dropped 1.9 points this survey for a share of 6.5%. 4BC’s strongest demo is 65+, with a 19.6% share, albeit dropping points in every demo this survey. 4BC’s streaming product, however, continues to perform strongly, with a 9.2% network share in its Drive slot, and a 24.1% share in streaming for people 65+.

  • SENQ recorded its highest result since switching from 4KQ last survey, but have now halved its result in survey three, dropping from 0.8% to 0.4%.



  • Triple M remains the number station, increasing their share to 12.4% increased share of 0.4%, whereas SAFM decreased the most by 0.9% (down to 8.7%). The combined Broadcast/DAB+/Streaming still has Triple M as number one with a share of 12.4%.

  • Adelaide’s Triple M station has maintained its position at number 1 despite only rising 0.4%. The breakfast team of Roo, Ditts, and Loz increased by 0.9 points, coming to a total of 15.1%, placing first among the commercial networks. Among the 55-64 demographic, 5MMM increased by 3.6 points for a 15.5% share.

  • Mix 102.3 has stayed as the #2 station in Adelaide, dropping 0.2 points to take a 12.1% share. The Ali Clarke Breakfast Show decreased by 0.8 points for an 8.9% share. The station’s strongest time slot continues to be the afternoon slot, hosted by Will & Woody, with a 14.8% share, up 0.3 points.

  • Nova still continues to dominate in the 18-24 demos, despite dropping 0.9 points for a 21.9% share and has dropped 2.2 points in 25-39 for a 17.0% share.

  • An increase of 0.3 points for a share of 8.9% has seen Cruise 1323 jump to fifth position for the third survey of the year. Mark Elliston’s drive has risen 1.1 points for a share of 8.0%. The station came in first in the 55-64 demographic with an 18.3% share and increased 1.8 points in the 40-54 demo. Although Cruise 1323 has the highest Streaming Share of 13.2%, it’s not enough to increase their position as the number 5 station in market.

  • Despite Fiveaa decreasing overall from this survey, their streaming numbers dominated the market with a share of 12%, this was a higher share than their radio.



  • Nova’s Perth station maintains its spot at the top, despite a 1.1 point decrease from the 2nd survey of 2023. Nova carries this same position across the streaming channel with a share of 15.3%.

  • For another survey, Nova’s Nathan, Nat & Shaun continue to top the Perth breakfast slot with a 17.3% share, decreasing 0.2 points from the second survey. Nova’s national drive program of Ricki-Lee, Tim and Joel came in at first with a 17.2% share, decreasing 1.1 points from the last survey.

  • The second 2023 survey saw 96FM drop to third with a 12.9% share. The station is now back up to second with a 14.4% share, having enjoyed the biggest gain in the 18-24 demo, rising 5.1 points for 11.4%. However, 96FM streaming numbers are quite strong, with a share of 14.9%. (2nd position.)

  • The station’s breakfast show, Clairsy and Lisa, increased by 0.3 points for a share of 12.4%. The national drive show of Will and Woody increased 0.3 points in Perth for a 13.3% share.

  • Hit Network’s Mix 94.5 has dropped to third place despite rising by 0.3 points with a share of 13.4%.

  • Mix 94.5’s breakfast lineup of Pete, Matt and Kymba has increased 1.6 points for a 13.8% share, placing second in the breakfast slot this survey.

  • 92.9 Triple M rose 0.7 points, for a 6.8% share, now sitting fourth for overall stations.

  • Despite Nine’s 6PR having an overall decrease of 0.9 points, their streaming numbers are much stronger in comparison, sitting on a 10.5% share.

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